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A Framework to Implement Organisational Performance Measurement in Health Charities



Organisational Performance Measurement (OPM) is a recognised management tool for business success, however it is under-reported and potentially under-utilised by non-acute health charities. This is the first study to recommend a set of methodological implementation factors for OPM in health charities that provide non-acute services. These factors consider the sector’s unique governance, stakeholder and service delivery requirements. A cutting and sorting thematic analysis of data extracted from eligible sources of a PRISMA systematic literature review was used to generate a set of implementation factors and operating elements for organisational performance measurement (OPM) in non-acute health charities. These were then compared to OPM implementation factors for-profit, government and other not-for-profit. The study found 30 operating elements categorised into five implementation factors for successful OPM implementation for health charities: 1) OPM Implementation Plan (9 elements); 2) Commitment (5 elements); 3) Organisation Understanding and Learning (8 elements); 4) Alignment, Integration and Resourcing (5 elements); and 5) Measures and Indicators (3 elements). These factors were packaged as the Framework for Non-Acute Health Charity Performance Implementation (NCPI Framework). The NCPI Framework may support the uptake of OPM within the sector. Case study evaluations of the NCPI Framework will now add value to its continued development.

Volume 5
Pages 13
DOI 10.11648/J.JPPA.20210501.13
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