Medicine, Science and the Law | 2021

Diagnosing coronary thrombosis using multiphase post-mortem CT angiography (MPMCTA): A case study



While post-mortem angiography (PMA) is gradually establishing its role in Forensic Radiology, the available literature in Italy lacks a solid foundation, particularly regarding its use in criminal court proceedings. An illustrative example of multiphase post-mortem CT angiography (MPMCTA) is presented here to encourage the systematic implementation of PMA methods. To demonstrate concordance between MPMCTA and the reference standard (autopsy and histology) in a case of acute coronary thrombosis, we report a case where MPMCTA, autopsy, histological and toxicological analyses were performed on a previously healthy 51-year-old man. MPMCTA detected a right coronary artery filling defect that could be ascribed to coronary thrombosis, which was later confirmed by autopsy and histological examinations.

Volume 61
Pages 77 - 81
DOI 10.1177/0025802420923175
Language English
Journal Medicine, Science and the Law

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