Molecular Imaging | 2019

The Relationship Between IDH1 Mutation Status and Metabolic Imaging in Nonenhancing Supratentorial Diffuse Gliomas: A 11C-MET PET Study



Purpose: We evaluated the relationship between isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) mutation status and metabolic imaging in patients with nonenhancing supratentorial diffuse gliomas using 11C-methionine positron emission tomography (11C-MET PET). Materials and Methods: Between June 2012 and November 2017, we enrolled 86 (38 women and 48 men; mean age, 41.9 ± 13.1 years [range, 8-67 years]) patients with newly diagnosed supratentorial diffuse gliomas. All patients underwent preoperative 11C-MET PET. Tumor samples were obtained and immunohistochemically analyzed for IDH1 mutation status. Results: The mutant and wild-type IDH1 diffuse gliomas had significantly different mean maximum standardized uptake value values (2.73 [95% confidence interval, CI: 2.32-3.16] vs 3.85 [95% CI: 3.22-4.51], respectively; P = .004) and mean tumor-to-background ratio (1.90 [95% CI: 1.65-2.16] vs 2.59 [95% CI: 2.17-3.04], respectively; P = .007). Conclusions: 11C-methionine PET can noninvasively evaluate the IDH1 mutation status of patients with nonenhancing supratentorial diffuse gliomas.

Volume 18
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DOI 10.1177/1536012119894087
Language English
Journal Molecular Imaging

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