Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume) | 2021

Minimal incision bone graft and screw fixation for scaphoid nonunion with substantial bone loss



the lower extremities, although the true incidence remains unknown. As spontaneous resolution may occur, and relatively good results were reported using painkillers, such as gabapentin, we would still recommend conservative treatment as the first-line of treatment in these lesions. If surgery is undertaken, our case report suggests that unlike radical excision of infiltrating nerve tumours, for example neurofibromas or lipofibromatous hamartomas, neuritis ossificans can potentially be completely enucleated from the ulnar nerve without resulting in neurological deficits.

Volume 46
Pages 784 - 786
DOI 10.1177/17531934211000579
Language English
Journal Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume)

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