BMC Veterinary Research | 2021

A quantum dot fluorescent microsphere based immunochromatographic strip for detection of brucellosis



Background Brucellosis is a serious zoonosis disease that frequently causes significant economic loss in animal husbandry and threatens human health. Therefore, we established a rapid, accurate, simple and sensitive fluorescent immunochromatographic strip test (ICST) based on quantum dots (QDs) for detection the antibodies of Brucella infection animals serum. Results The test strips were successfully prepared by quantum dot fluorescent microspheres (QDFM) as tracers, which were covalently coupled to an outer membrane protein of Brucella OMP22. The outer membrane protein OMP28 and monoclonal antibodies of OMP22 were separately dispensed onto a nitrocellulose membrane as test and quality control lines, respectively. The critical threshold for determining negative or positive through the ratio of the fluorescent signal of the test line and the control line (H T / H C ) is 0.0492. The repeatability was excellent with an overall average CV of 8.78%. Under optimum conditions, the limit of detection was 1.05\u2009ng/mL (1:512 dilution). With regard to the detection of brucellosis in 150 clinical samples, the total coincidence rate of ICST and Rose Bengal plate test (RBPT) was 97.3%, the coincidence rate of positive samples was 98.8%, the coincidence rate of negative samples was 95.3%, the sensitivity of RBPT is 1:32, and no cross reaction with the sera of other related diseases was observed. Conclusion In our present study, the QDFM has promising application for on-site screening of brucellosis owing to its high detection speed, high sensitivity, high specificity and low cost.

Volume 17
Pages None
DOI 10.1186/s12917-021-02760-w
Language English
Journal BMC Veterinary Research

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