American Imago | 2019

Demons in the Consulting Room: Echoes of Genocide, Slavery and Extreme Trauma in Psychoanalytic Practice ed. by Adrienne Harris, Margery Kalb, and Susan Klebanoff (review)



“In every nursery there are ghosts. They are the visitors from the unremembered past of the parents; the uninvited guests at the christening. The intruders from the past have taken up residence in the nursery, claiming tradition and rights of ownership. While no one has issued an invitation, the ghosts take up residence and conduct the rehearsal of the family tragedy from a tattered script.” —Fraiberg, S., Adelson, & E. Shapiro, V., 1975, p. 387-8

Volume 76
Pages 274 - 278
DOI 10.1353/AIM.2019.0017
Language English
Journal American Imago

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