Optics letters | 2019

Non-Hermitian heterostructure for two-parameter sensing.



Non-Hermitian systems at exceptional point (EP) degeneracy are demonstrated to be highly sensitive to environmental perturbation. Here, we propose and theoretically investigate a novel multilayered heterostructure favoring double EPs for a unique set of material parameters at which forward- and backward-reflection coefficients vanish, respectively. Such an EP heterostructure is shown to scatter off light when system parameters are perturbed away from the degeneracies due to the effect of ambient temperature and mechanical stress fluctuations. The proposed structure is conducive to manipulating optical responses for two mutually independent parameters sensing.

Volume 44 7
Pages \n 1626-1629\n
DOI 10.1364/OL.44.001626
Language English
Journal Optics letters

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