Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie | 2019

Electrochemistry of Br−/Br2 Redox Couple in Acetonitrile, Methanol and Mix Media of Acetonitrile–Methanol: An Insight into Redox Behavior of Bromide on Platinum (Pt) and Gold (Au) Electrode



Abstract Electro-oxidation of Br− on platinum and gold electrode was studied in acetonitrile, methanol and mix media of acetonitrile–methanol. The mechanism of Br− oxidation in these media was investigated using CV, Semi Integration Cyclic Voltammetry, and Digital Simulation technique. Since, Br− oxidation mechanism on platinum involves the formation of Br3− as intermediate, therefore, Kstab for Br3− formation in the mixed media was estimated using digital simulation, Nelson and Iwamoto method. Redox mechanism of Br− and Br2 on gold (Au) electrode was also investigated in protic solvent such as H2O, methanol, ethanol, 1-butanol, and formic acid. It was ascertained that Br− oxidation on gold (Au) electrode in these above protic solvents involve [AuBr2]− intermediate rather than Br3−.

Volume 234
Pages 295 - 312
DOI 10.1515/zpch-2018-1321
Language English
Journal Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie

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