Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie | 2019

Removal of Phenol from Steel Plant Wastewater in Three Dimensional Electrochemical (TDE) Process using CoFe2O4@AC/H2O2



Abstract This study investigated the removal of phenol from steel industry wastewater by three dimensional electrochemical (TDE) process using CoFe2O4 nanobiocomposite based activated carbon in the presence of H2O2 (EC-CoFe2O4@AC-H2O2). In this study, CoFe2O4 nanobiocomposite-foundation activated carbon (CoFe2O4@AC) was used as microelectrode, adsorbent, and activator for peroxide hydrogen. The removal efficiency of phenol and COD was investigated through the parameters of pH, contact time, CoFe2O4@AC dosage, current density, and H2O2 concentration. The highest removal rates of phenol and COD were >99% and 98%, respectively. Also, steel plant wastewater under the optimal conditions of pH = 6.5, current density = 15 mA cm−2, contact time = 25 min, H2O2 concentration of 1.0 mM, and CoFe2O4@AC dose = 0.3 g L−1. Kinetic analysis revealed that the adsorption experimental data was best fitted by the pseudo-first-order model.

Volume 234
Pages 1661 - 1679
DOI 10.1515/zpch-2019-1499
Language English
Journal Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie

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