Selcuk Journal of Agricultural and Food Sciences | 2021

Population Development and Infestation Rate Of Codling Moth (Cydia Pomonella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)) In Apple Orchards in Northern Kyrgyzstan



The codling moth is a key and most widely distributed pest of apple orchards worldwide. The population development of C. pomonella was investigated using sex pheromone traps in different apple orchards between years of 2019 and 2020 in northern Kyrgyzstan. Flight of the codling moth males in apple orchards is characterized by instability, which is associated with temperature and other climatic factors. Trap captures of codling moth were positively correlated with temperature, but negatively correlated with relative humidity and altitude. Male moths started appearing in traps on April 10-14, 2019 and April 26-29, 2020 in Chui and Ysyk-Kol provinces. Analysis of seasonal trap catches from apple orchards over two years summarizes that the codling moth has 4 major peaks in Chui and 3 distinct peaks in Ysyk-Kol provinces. Codling moth damage per orchard ranged from 8.3% to 84.3% in Chui province and it was estimated per orchard from 1.4% to 27.2% in Ysyk-Kol province.

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DOI 10.15316/sjafs.2021.236
Language English
Journal Selcuk Journal of Agricultural and Food Sciences

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