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A dessegregação de Little Rock a partir de Hannah Arendt



This paper investigates the educational and political conflicts between the school and the African-American question, as present in the desegregation of an Arkansas school in Little Rock in 1957. The 1959 “Reflections on Little Rock” essay by the philosopher Hannah Arendt is analyzed step by step on account of its elucidations considered at that time controversial and not very advanced for the context. After 60 years of the event that marks the desegregation of American schools, this paper evaluates Arendt s essay and its proposals to think about education in times of crisis. The research used the methodology of bibliographical research in primary sources of the author and secondary sources of commentators of Arendtian thought related to politics and education. The expected result is a version of the facts which helps us think about the role of school in the present day.

Volume 30
Pages 1-20
DOI 10.1590/1980-6248-2017-0154
Language English
Journal None

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