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El collage: herramienta conceptual y compositiva del diseño arquitectónico de Richard Meier



Collage is a common technique in modern and contemporary art, even in the creation of cinema. The collage combines pictorial motifs and fragments of disconnected origins within a synthetic entity that gives new roles to those parts. In architectural design this technique generates new narratives, dialogues, and juxtapositions that help the ability to imagine space. The process of creating collages used by the architect Richard Meier is of great importance in the general conception and architectural design of all his projects. Each collage tells a story through organizational principles, a management of space based on geometric figures, grids, proportions that must be precisely studied and calculated. The wonderful aesthetics, form and spatial organization of Meier s projects lie in the abstraction of an idea in a series of collages. The journey through the analysis of the collages by Richard Meier, allows us to conclude that, in the process of creating Meier, collage, exists as an initial architectural gesture; There is no improvisation in the ideas that generate it and it is not only a primary element of communication but also of creation.

Volume 24
Pages 27-48
DOI 10.17981/MOD.ARQ.CUC.24.1.2020.02
Language English
Journal None

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