KnE Social Sciences | 2021

Critical-thinking Perspective in the Level C2 Sahabatku Indonesia Books



Critical thinking is integral to education in the 21st century, especially among the foreign students studying in Indonesia. To measure the criticality, this study uses Facione’s theory, which consists of six aspects: (1) interpretation, (2) analysis, (3) evaluation, (4) inference, (5) explanation, and (6) self-regulation. The data source of this research is the Sahabatku Indonesia C2 level books, and the data comprised of excerpts from questions/statements of the problem statements in those book. The result of the study showed that not all aspects of the perspective of thinking were found in the statement of questions in the C2 Sahabatku Indonesia books. The distribution of thinking is important so that the students have the ability to critically think not just from one but from all the different aspects. \nKeywords: critical thinking, Sahabatku Indonesia books, BIPA level C2, Facione’s theory

Volume None
Pages 117–129-117–129
DOI 10.18502/KSS.V5I3.8533
Language English
Journal KnE Social Sciences

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