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Fungal pathogens associated with wilting of Neolitsea cassia trees



Neolitsea cassia, a tree species, belongs to family Lauraceae, is endemic to Sri Lanka. Few planted trees of Neolitsea cassia were severely affected by wilt disease. Two fungal pathogens were consistently isolated from collar region and roots of symptomatic trees. These two fungal species were identified as Colletotrichum and Pestalotiopsis by microscopic observations of conidia and culture characters of isolates on PDA. This is the first report of Colletotrichum and Pestalotiopsis species causing tree wilting of Neolitsea cassia in Sri Lanka. Application of 25 l of fungicide, Thiram + Thiophanate Methyl, 50+30% WP (Homai) solution (1g/l) around the base of each infected plant as a soil drenching was effectively controlled wilting of Neolitsea cassia caused by both pathogenic fungi.

Volume 4
Pages 172-176
DOI 10.18801/IJFEE.040221.19
Language English
Journal None

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