Indian Journal of Animal Research | 2021

\u200bRe-sequencing of Whole Genome Jordanian Awassi Ewes using Hiseq Sequencing Technology: Major Step Towards Sheep Genomic Selection



Background: Jordanian Awassi sheep (Ovis aries) is the dominant fat tail sheep breed that appeals to customers because of its various production systems, including fiber, meat and milk. This report is the first whole ewe genome sequence (WGS) of O. aries submitted in the NCBI database from Jordan.\nMethods: 64 Paired-end sequencing libraries were constructed and subjected to Illumina Hiseq 2500 sequencing system. High-quality reads were aligned against the reference sheep genome and detecting comprehensive sources (SNPs, InDels, SV, CNVs) of genetic variations. We have deposited data sequences at the NCBI under SRA (sequence reads archives) under the accession numbers SRR11128863, PRJNA574879.\nResult: Genome resequencing of Jordanian Awassi ewe was carried out with approximately 93.88 Gb with a mapping rate and effective mapping depths were 99.28% and 36.32. Around 19 million SNPs, 3,6 million InDels, 35,180 Structure variation and 13,524 copy number variation among the Jordanian ewe genome were detected. This wide range of genetic variation provides a framework for further genetic studies that will help understand the molecular basis underlying phenotypic variation of economically important traits in sheep and improve intrinsic defects in domestic sheep breeds.\n

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DOI 10.18805/ijar.b-1371
Language English
Journal Indian Journal of Animal Research

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