Acta medica Okayama | 2019

An Adult Case of Nasal Chondromesenchymal Hamartoma: Imaging Characteristics Including Diffusion-Weighted Images.



Nasal chondromesenchymal hamartoma (NCMH), a rare, benign, nasal cavity tumor, typically occurs in children. Differential diagnosis is difficult because NCMH often presents with non-specific findings, including cystic components and invasion of the surrounding area on T2-weighted magnetic resonance images. Here, we present a rare adult case of NCMH, with no clear hyperintensity on diffusion-weighted images (DWI), and bone remodeling on the tumor margins on computed tomography. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of DWI on NCMH, and these findings, which suggest benign disease, may be useful in diagnosing NCMH.

Volume 73 6
Pages \n 529-532\n
DOI 10.18926/AMO/57718
Language English
Journal Acta medica Okayama

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