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The Thresholds of Greening Unit Serving Set as an Arousal Task Based on EEG and Eye Movement



\n Monotony is the most prominent characteristic feature of the prairie highway. Monotony can cause a decrease in the level of arousal, leading to lower vigilant. This study sets the greening unit as an arousal task to withstand the monotony and examines the different landscapes’ effects on EEG(electroencephalo-graph) and eye movement for drivers. 26 participants took part in a simulated driving experiment. Three scenes correspond to other greening units, respectively, one set as the control group without greening. The results show that the greening unit will improve driver vigilance and external eye movement control preponderance. The type of eye movement and [(alpha + theta) / beta] performance optimal arousal is immediate but discontinuous; The type of eye movement and alpha sample entropy show different spatial patterns of landscapes have different effective lengths. In conclusion,(1) Landscape(Fully open with triangular shape) provides superior arousal effect;(2)The greening unit length threshold corresponding to the optimal arousal level of drivers is 666 m; (3)The alpha sample entropy of less than 0.234 can be identified as the threshold of effect greening length

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DOI 10.21203/RS.3.RS-515733/V1
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