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Geochemical Characterization of Condensates and Gases in Abu Qir Concession in the Western Offshore, Nile Delta, Egypt



In this study, biomarker analyses were conducted on four condensate samples recovered from Kafr El Sheikh and Abu Madi Reservoirs in Abu Qir concession, NW offshore Nile Delta. Moreover, according to the obtained results, it was indicated that the condensates are genetically related, and they were derived mainly from clay-rich source rocks of mixed organic sources, with significant input of terrestrial organic sources, deposited in low saline fluvio-deltaic environment. These conclusions are supported by the relative abundance of both C29 and C27 regular steranes, high diasteranes, and Pr /Ph ratios and the lowC29norhopane relative to C30hopane, low isoprenoids/n-alkanes ratios and lack of gammacerane. In addition, biomarker maturity indicators suggested that the condensates were sourced from early mature source rocks. Finally, geochemical and isotopic data from gases indicated that Abu Qir gases are of thermogenic origin generated from source rocks with mixed types II/III kerogens.

Volume 9
Pages 39-52
DOI 10.22078/JPST.2019.3534.1568
Language English
Journal None

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