Fractal : Revista De Psicologia | 2019

Um olhar sobre a “vivência” através do seu autor: Conceitos e traduções na obra de Vigotski



Almost 80 years after Vygotsky s death, the great public of intellectuals in the field of psychology and pedagogy gets the feeling of ignorance about the thought of this author, much due to the problems of translating his texts in Russian into other languages. Part of the foreign editions of these works occurred during the period of ideological dispute between US and USSR; and even in his country, the scientific production of Vygotsky was retaliated by the government of Joseph Stalin. Nowadays, there are still texts of this thinker that have not been published in Russian. The present article is based on a theoretical cut within the extensive academic production of Lev Vygotsky. This essay aims to discuss the concepts of experience in Vygotsky s works. The word experience is a translation into the Portuguese language of the word perejivanie, from the Russian language. Vigotski, in his texts, also uses the word opit (“experience”, in Portuguese), but with a different meaning. The research argues that the concept of experience contributes to education scholars interpret all human action as having a certain creative activity.

Volume 31
Pages 16-19
DOI 10.22409/1984-0292/V31I1/5588
Language English
Journal Fractal : Revista De Psicologia

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