Fractal : Revista De Psicologia | 2019

Testemunho e construção: sobre o ensino da psicanálise na universidade



This paper approach the clinical teaching at the university, aiming to identify the limits and possibilities of transmission of psychoanalytic knowledge in trainees graduate experience in psychology. The analytical construction is taken up in its relationship to the function of testimony in psychoanalysis, indicating the mode of operation with knowledge partial and incomplete clinical experience as an interesting clue to inspire working methods both for the university and for the practice professionals with heterogeneous routes. The testimony is in turn approached in relation to a crisis in truth, bringing the fields of literature and psychoanalysis from the finding of the impossibility of its full representation. This perspective opens a way of access that leads to experiencing the limits of knowledge in circumscribing the ever new value of clinical experience. We conclude about the possibility of thinking about teaching and transmission of psychoanalysis by that witness in the learners clinical position.

Volume 31
Pages 76-82
DOI 10.22409/1984-0292/V31I2/5606
Language English
Journal Fractal : Revista De Psicologia

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