Etnografia. Praktyki, Teorie, Doświadczenia | 2021

Bride kidnapping in Northern Kyrgyzstan as the initial stage of subjectivity-forming process Bride kidnapping in Northern



Kyz ala kachuu (Kyrgyz: кыз ала качуу) translated as “to take a young woman and run away”\xa0is a form of women kidnapping for marriage purposes in Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic).\xa0This term applies to either of the performed actions: kidnapping with permission from\xa0the future wife, and without her consent. In this article, I propose an anthropological\xa0interpretation of bride kidnapping, using the concept of ‘person-making’. In my analysis,\xa0I go beyond the act of kidnapping itself, which I present as part of a wider social process.\xa0Drawing on my fieldwork in Northern Kyrgyzstan, I show that marriage through kidnapping is the first stage in the social process of building female subjectivity and the way\xa0ofreproduction of Kyrgyz families. The reproduction takes place through the acquisition,\xa0familiarization, and constitution of subjectivity resulting from the collective agency of all\xa0the family members.

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DOI 10.26881/etno.2020.6.08
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Journal Etnografia. Praktyki, Teorie, Doświadczenia

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