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Nyadran Ceremony as an Introduction to Art in Kulonprogo Regency



Yogyakarta Special Region as a tourist destination that has long been known to the public, has the potential to reach various regions in five districts. Kulonprogo is one of the districts in the west end that will be prepared as a place for the establishment of an international airport. Kulonprogo with the topography of the region in the form of mountains, beaches and rice fields presents the beauty of nature that is able to attract domestic and foreign tourists. On the other hand, the cultural potential found in Kulonprogo can be used as a tourist attraction. The 2018 Nyadran ceremony in Kaliagung village captures the opportunity that the concept of village tourism can be collaborated between natural and cultural potential. This annual gathering place is held in Wanadesa (Wana Wisata) by presenting the potential of art in Kaliagung village. Enlivened by the performances of the artists and the community this event received attention from the local government. The celebration of traditional ceremonies with the concept of folk festivals can be a good medium in art education for the younger generation. They will be directly involved both as art connoisseurs and actors. Both have the same portion to keep preserving the culture and value of local wisdom. In the Nyadran Agung ceremony, art performers who are in school age are able to pass on art appreciation in line with the implementation of art and culture subjects. Keywords—nyadran ceremony, art introduction, tourist village

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DOI 10.2991/icaae-18.2019.47
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