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Constructivism in epistemology and in human sciences



The projective constructivism as a cultural attitude and the constructivism in epistemology are discussed. The radical constructivism as a project of substituting natural processes with artificial ones is analyzed. The authors study the constructivist conception of knowledge in general, the constructivist philosophy of scientific knowledge in particular. The following thesis is substantiated: a complete control of the human being over the world is impossible, and realizing of the radical constructivism as life and cultural attitude is not a triumph of human freedom, but rather its loss. Epistemological constructivism is not a true interpretation of cognition and cannot be a fruitful strategy in science. The authors defend the position of constructive realism as a life, cultural and cognitive attitude.

Volume 30
Pages 102-124
DOI 10.31857/s023620070003025-4
Language English
Journal None

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