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The Functioning of Slovakian-Ukrainian Song Folklore (On the Example of The “Makovytska Struna” (“Makovytska String”) Festival)



The goal of the work. The research is related to the issue of the specificity of the existence of Slovak-Ukrainian song folklore on the territory of Eastern Slovakia, the disclosure of the issue of the functioning of the «Makovytska Struna» song festival. The methodology of the research is to combine the methods of cognition due to the requirements of the objective analysis of historical sources, which reflect the main tendencies of the development and functioning of the cultural and artistic life of the Ukrainians of the Region of the second half of the ХХth – the beginning of the ХХІst century. Scientific novelty of the work consists in the comprehensive coverage of the Slovak-Ukrainian song ties. The interconnection between Ukrainian song and Slovak folk songs is one of the priorities of folklorists and musicologists in our time. Conclusions. It is proved that the study of ethnic history, features of the song folklore of the Ukrainian population in various fields is one of the main issues of the present. The joint ethnographic boundary between the Ukrainian and Slovak populations in the Transcarpathian region and the Presov (Eastern Slovakia) region contributed to the cultural, economic and folkloric ties between them. In the process of transformation of the forms of the existence of folk song culture and ritualism, as well as the interaction of song tradition and new creation, in particular, associated with the influence of the ingratiation of modern culture of Rusyn-Ukrainians, it was discovered that whole figurative and poetic cliches are taken from the Slovak folklore in local Rusyn production; all that is special in the content and form of Lemko and Rusyn folklore does not separate them from the general array of traditional musical-song and verbal literature of the Ukrainian people does not isolate them, but rather complements enriches this array with unique elements and features. Folk festivals of Rusyn-Ukrainians, despite the processes of assimilation, are extremely popular in the modern period among the Ukrainian population of Slovakia.

Volume 2
Pages 71-79
DOI 10.31866/2616-7581.2.1.2019.171790
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