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Propuesta de la policromía del Augusto de Prima Porta: hipótesis naturalista y metodología procedimental



The search for the realism-naturalism (phenomenological) through the polychromy of the marble sculptural productions of the classical era involved the application of different layers of painting, through known procedures and pictorial techniques, which had just endowed the sculpted work of greater realism and likelihood. Different previous investigations helped us to propose a hypothesis about the polychrome aspect of the sculpture of Emperor Augustus of Prima Porta in 2014. The latest research, about polychromy of Roman sculptures from all over the Mediterranean and of paintings, known as portraits of El Fayum, have confirmed our hypothesis about the pictorial procedures used in the Roman works of augustean era, necessary to achieve the sought naturalistic realism.

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Pages 40
DOI 10.33349/2021.102.4596
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