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Warm Hydroforming Process under Non-Uniform Temperature Field for Magnesium Alloy Tubes



The warm tube hydroforming (WTHF) process of lightweight materials such as magnesium alloy contributes to a remarkable weight reduction. The success of the WTHF process strongly depends on the loading path with internal pressure and axial feeding and other process variables including temperature distribution. Optimization of these process parameters in this special forming technique is a great issue to be resolved. In this study, the optimization of the symmetrical temperature distribution and process loading path for the warm T-shape forming of magnesium alloy AZ31B tube was carried out by finite element (FE) analysis using a fuzzy model. As a result, a satisfactory good agreement of the wall thickness distribution of the samples formed under the optimum loading path condition can be obtained between the FE analysis result and the experimental result. Based on the validity validation of FE analysis model, the optimization method was applied to other materials and forming shapes, and applicability was discussed.

Volume 11
Pages 901
DOI 10.3390/MET11060901
Language English
Journal None

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