Photonics | 2019

Modeling the Output Performance of Al0.3Ga0.7As/InP/Ge Triple-Junction Solar Cells for a Venus Orbiter Space Station



The performance of Al0.3Ga0.7As/InP/Ge triple-junction solar cells (TJSC) at the geosynchronous orbit of Venus had been simulated in this paper by assuming that the solar cells were put on a hypothetical Venus orbiter space station. The incoming solar radiation on TJSC was calculated by a blackbody radiation formula, while PC1D program simulated the electrical output performance. The results show that the incoming solar intensity at the geosynchronous orbit of Venus is 3000 W/m2, while the maximum solar cell efficiency achieved is 38.94%. Considering a similar area of the solar panel as the International Space Station (about 2500 m2), the amount of electricity produced by Venus orbiter space station at the geosynchronous orbit of Venus is 2.92 MW, which is plenty of energy to power the space station for long-term exploration and intensive research on Venus.

Volume 6
Pages 46
DOI 10.3390/PHOTONICS6020046
Language English
Journal Photonics

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