Dermatopathology | 2021

Bilateral Nipple Enlargement as a Secondary Effect of Anabolic Drugs: A Histopathological Mimicker of Smooth Muscle Hamartoma



Smooth muscle hamartoma are usually solitary and congenital, may affect the genital area and nipples. Histopathologically, they are characterized by the presence of mature smooth muscle bundles. We present a 40 year-old male with bilateral nipple enlargement excised with clinical suspicion of bilateral leiomyoma. Skin biopsy shows mature, irregularly arranged smooth muscle bundles and lactiferous ducts between them. Immunohistochemistry is positive for smooth muscle actin, desmin and fumarase, but negative for estrogen and progestogen receptors. The presence of lactiferous ducts excludes bilateral leiomyomas. Even when, histopathologically, this can be interpreted as the nipple-type of muscular hamartoma of the breast, clinical history favors an anabolic drug-induced lesion. Bodybuilders present gynecomastia and nipple enlargement as frequent problems, but we have not found any histopathological description of these nipple lesions. We consider that dermatologists should be aware of the presence of them and dermatopathologists should know their histopathological features to avoid misdiagnosis as neoplasms.

Volume 8
Pages 103 - 106
DOI 10.3390/dermatopathology8020016
Language English
Journal Dermatopathology

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