International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health | 2021

Factors Influencing SDL Readiness and Self-Esteem in a Clinical Adult Nursing Practicum after Flipped Learning Education: Comparison of the Contact and Untact Models



This study aimed to evaluate the effects of a flipped learning contact model and a flipped learning “untact” model with Korean nursing students undergoing a clinical practicum, and to examine the factors of self-directed learning readiness and self-esteem considering these learning models. The participants included 85 students. Participants were randomly allocated to two models. This study measured self-directed learning readiness, self-esteem, learner motivation, professor–student and clinical instructor–student interactions, confidence in performing core skills, participating in online activities, clinical practice stress, and the friendliness of the two models. Participants’ characteristics were analyzed using frequencies and percentages, and between-group differences regarding characteristics were analyzed using the χ2 test, independent t-test, and one-way ANOVA with a Scheffe test. This study conducted independent t-tests for comparison of the between-group adjusted mean difference of the pretest and posttest scores. The influence of the dependent variables on self-directed learning readiness and self-esteem was measured using a stepwise multiple regression method. Among the two models in the practicum, the flipped-mastery contact model (FMCM) showed higher self-directed learning (SDL) readiness and professor–student interaction than those of the flipped-mastery untact model (FMUM) after the clinical practicum was completed. The three influencing factors of SDL readiness were FMCM, learner motivation, and ward friendliness, with an explanatory power of 31.6% (F = 13.96, p < 0.001). Learner motivation, professor–student interaction, and ward friendliness influenced self-esteem, with an explanatory power of 54.7% (F = 34.86, p < 0.001).

Volume 18
Pages None
DOI 10.3390/ijerph18041521
Language English
Journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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