International Journal of Molecular Sciences | 2019

A Novel Panel of 80 RNA Biomarkers with Differential Expression in Multiple Human Solid Tumors against Healthy Blood Samples



The aim of this study was to identify genes with higher expression in solid tumor cells by comparing human tumor biopsies with healthy blood samples using both in silico statistical analysis and experimental validations. This approach resulted in a novel panel of 80 RNA biomarkers with high discrimination power to detect circulating tumor cells in blood samples. To identify the 80 RNA biomarkers, Affymetrix HG-U133 plus 2.0 microarrays datasets were used to compare breast tumor tissue biopsies and breast cancer cell lines with blood samples from patients with conditions other than cancer. A total of 859 samples were analyzed at the discovery stage, consisting of 417 mammary tumors, 41 breast lines, and 401 control samples. To confirm this discovery, external datasets of eight types of tumors were used, and experimental validation studies (NanoString n-counter gene expression assay) were performed, totaling 5028 samples analyzed. In these analyses, the 80 biomarkers showed higher expression in all solid tumors analyzed relative to healthy blood samples. Experimental validation studies using NanoString assay confirmed the results were not dependent of the gene expression platform. A panel of 80 RNA biomarkers was described here, with the potential to detect solid tumor cells present in the blood of multiple tumor types.

Volume 20
Pages None
DOI 10.3390/ijms20194894
Language English
Journal International Journal of Molecular Sciences

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