Nanomaterials | 2021

Colorimetric, Naked-Eye Detection of Lysozyme in Human Urine with Gold Nanoparticles



The stabilizing effect of lysozymes to salt addition over a gold colloid are exploited in order to detect lysozymes in human urine samples. The present research is aimed at the development of a fast, naked-eye detection test for urinary lysozymuria, in which direct comparison with a colorimetric reference, allows for the immediate determination of positive/negative cases. CIEL*a*b* parameters were obtained from sample absorbance measurements, and their color difference with respect to a fixed reference point was measured by calculating the ΔE76 parameter, which is a measure of how well the colors can be distinguished by an untrained observer. Results show that a simple and quick test can reliably, in less than 15 min, give a positive colorimetric response in the naked eye for concentrations of a urinary lysozyme over 57.2 µg/mL. This concentration is well within the limits of that observed for leukemia-associated lysozymurias, among other disorders.

Volume 11
Pages None
DOI 10.3390/nano11030612
Language English
Journal Nanomaterials

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