Remote. Sens. | 2021

Multithreading Based Parallel Processing for Image Geometric Coregistration in SAR Interferometry



Within the framework of multi-temporal Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) interferometric processing, image coregistration is a fundamental operation that might be extremely time-consuming. This paper explores the possibility of addressing fast and accurate SAR image geometric coregistration, with sub-pixel accuracy and in the presence of a complex 3-D object scene, by exploiting the parallelism offered by shared-memory architectures. An efficient and scalable processor is proposed by designing a parallel algorithm incorporating thread-level parallelism for solving the inherent computationally intensive problem. The adopted functional scheme is first mathematically framed and then investigated in detail in terms of its computational structures. Subsequently, a parallel version of the algorithm is designed, according to a fork-join model, by suitably taking into account the granularity of the decomposition, load-balancing, and different scheduling strategies. The developed parallel algorithm implements parallelism at the thread-level by using OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing) and it is specifically targeted at shared-memory multiprocessors. The parallel performance of the implemented multithreading-based SAR image coregistration prototype processor is experimentally investigated and quantitatively assessed by processing high-resolution X-band COSMO-SkyMed SAR data and using two different multicore architectures. The effectiveness of the developed multithreaded prototype solution in fully benefitting from the computing power offered by multicore processors has successfully been demonstrated via a suitable experimental performance analysis conducted in terms of parallel speedup and efficiency. The demonstrated scalable performance and portability of the developed parallel processor confirm its potential for operational use in the interferometric SAR data processing at large scales.

Volume 13
Pages 1963
DOI 10.3390/rs13101963
Language English
Journal Remote. Sens.

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