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Sensor Based Industrial Kitchen Foodstuffs Monitoring System



Artificial Intelligence based foodstuff monitoring system is used for inventory management in industrial kitchens, restaurants, canteens, vegetable stores and so on. If the store keeper is not available to monitor the grocery and orders, the process will be risky. The proposed method considers the level estimation detection using ultrasonic sensor and if the container is empty then the information is sent to the store keeper. By this method, the intimation about availability of specific food item can be found and items not available can be ordered for purchasing. The DHT11 sensor is used to monitor the humidity and temperature inside the container, if any of these two is high then the notification will be sent. Decomposed organic items are identified by MQ3 sensor based on detection of alcoholic gas produced by organic items. The sensors data such as grocery level, humidity, temperature and decomposition range of organic items are collected from the corresponding smart container. This data transaction happens via micro controller known as Node MCU. The level of the groceries present, and spoiled organic items can be identified and mail notification can be triggered in the early stage with the help of mobile application called IFTTT.

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DOI 10.34256/ijcci2113
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