Revista Docência do Ensino Superior | 2021

Formação cidadã de pedagogas



This experience report aims to present the scope of the teaching project “Numeracy, citizenship and social practices” of the Teaching Degree Program at Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais, Ibirité campus. Considering the socio-environmental crime that occurred in the city of Brumadinho/MG in January 2019, a training process was organized based on authors who articulate transdisciplinary knowledge with social practices and democracy. A technical visit was also made to the Pátria Livre Camp of the Landless Rural Workers Movement and the Naô Xohã Village of the Pataxó Ha-hã-hãe indigenous people, that share the occupied area in the region affected by the tailings mud that was released down the Paraopeba River. As a result, it is highlighted that the experiences of the project enabled the participants to have a critical, questioning and sensitive training process with social problems.

Volume 11
Pages 1-22
DOI 10.35699/2237-5864.2021.24139
Language English
Journal Revista Docência do Ensino Superior

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