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Enhancement of Junior High School Students Problem Solving Ability Using Missoury Mathematics Project Learning Model with Individual and Small Group Assignments



Mathematical problem solving ability is very important since it can help students to solvetheir daily problems. Studies shows that most of students only wants to know the standardprocedures when they learn mathematics, and tends to give up when the given problems aredifferent. This comparative study aims to know the students mathematical problem solvingenhancements, and whether there is significant difference between two groups of studentswhich acquire Missoury Mathematics Project learning model with individual or small groupassignments. Samples for this research are junior high school students from SMP Advent IIBandung, grade seven. The instruments used in this research are mathematical problemsolving test and quesionaire of responses. The research result shows that the mathematicalproblem solving enhancement categorized as high1. And there is a significant differencebetween those two groups of students which acquire Missoury Mathematics Project learningmodel with individual or small group assignments2. While the result from the quesionaire ofresponses shows that students like the Missoury Mathematics Project learning model.

Volume 7
Pages 1586-1596
DOI 10.35974/ISC.V7I1.1161
Language English
Journal None

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