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Design of Student Labor Information System Mobile Application Using Ionic Framework



In this era, smartphone is a device that is difficult to separate from human life. This isbecause smartphones are not only used as a means of communication, but rather haveapplications that can be used to enjoy entertainment. Smartphones can also meet the needs ineducation, social, health, entertainment and even business, through an operating system thatis almost like a computer. Universitas Advent Indonesia (UNAI) has a program for studentswho want to study while working on the campus. The program is known as student labor. Thesystem used in the student labor program was still manual in which all stages, ranging fromstudents applying for jobs in each department they want to fill the working hours still usingpaper. Student labor information system applications are built using hybrid mobiletechnology. The SDLC waterfall model is a research method used to support the process inmaking this student labor application. And the design of UML ensures that the system is builtaccording to its purpose. This information system was developed using the IONICframework. The result is an information system that can enabled departments to controlstudent labor programs at UNAI. The application is able to send push notifications that willdisplay the latest notifications directly for each stage that can be used as a service to facilitateeach student, vice chancellor, head of the department, including finance department to findout every activity that takes place as program management for student labor more easily.Blackbox testing is used to validate the performance of the application and ensure that theapplication is built according to purpose. And it was found that the application is runningwell. Advice from the authors is that further research can be developed using react nativeapplications or using another updated application. And pay more attention to the security sideof data transmission.

Volume 7
Pages 1786-1800
DOI 10.35974/ISC.V7I1.2005
Language English
Journal None

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