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Caracterização do maná-cubiu (solanum sessiliflorum dunal) produzido na mata atlântica do Estado do Paraná



Cocona, was introduced as an alternative income for farmers in the Atlantic Forest in the cities of Morretes and Antonina. Due to its exotic and singular flavor, Cocona is consumed in different ways, that includes its use for gourmet preparations in some restaurants of the Paraná state capital. Since Cocona is genetically variable, it is hard to find Classifications and researches about Cocona’s physical and chemical properties, this is why this Study is so important. This Study is about the fruit Solanum sessiliflorum Dunal. This Study contains informations about length, diameter, density, weight, physical and chemical properties, acid content and pH. The fruits presented 83.91 ± 20,47g weight, 93.96 ± 13,50mL density, 5.49 ± 0.20cm lenght and 5.46 ±0.03cm diameter. It presented and 86% gain compared to the fruit weight. A proper evaluation from Cocona’s physical and chemical properties, will allow new techonologies to obtain new products.

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DOI 10.36229/978-85-7042-160-9.cap.05
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