Medical Science and Discovery | 2021

A rare lesion of cervical lymph nodes: Angiomyomatous hamartoma



Objective: Angiomyomatous hamartomas are extremely rare, tumor-like lesions of the lymph nodes. They are usually seen in the inguinal region lymph nodes. They are rarely seen in the lymph nodes of the cervical region. Histopathologically, fibrous tissues, smooth muscle cells, and vascular structures are seen in the lymph node structure. It is important to distinguish it from benign and malignant lesions of the lymph node. Case: A 1 cm diameter lymph node excision material removed from the cervical region of a 26-year-old male patient was sent to the pathology laboratory with a pre-diagnosis of lymphadenitis. 4micron sections were taken from the paraffin blocks prepared from the tissues belonging to the lesion. The samples were examined by staining HematoxylinEosin. In histopathological examination, it was found that almost all of the lymph node structure consisted of vascular structures and smooth muscle cells located on a fibrous ground. The case was reported as angiomyomatous hamartoma. Conclusion: Angiomyomatous hamartomas are extremely rare lesions of the cervical lymph nodes and their consideration in differential diagnosis will reduce the risk of possible diagnostic error.

Volume 8
Pages 187-188
DOI 10.36472/MSD.V8I3.487
Language English
Journal Medical Science and Discovery

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