Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Mine Closure | 2021

Integration, synergy and harmony of mining activity with tourism sector: utilization of tin tailing and mine reclamation program in the special economic zones



While tin mining provides economic benefit to Indonesia generally there are also local area benefits where marine mining techniques allow for tailings to be used to increase the supply of land for coastal tourism development. Local area economic benefits from land reclamation and stabilisation using Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) tin mining tailings are demonstrated for a case study at Bangka Belitung Island, Indonesia. Tin production increases along with the increasing demand for tin raw material, which can have significant environment impacts through landscape changes, lost biodiversity, and water contamination from mining activity. Conventional marine tin mining technique is done by combining the mining process with ore washing. The dredge will get the ore and dispose the tailing into the sea, which increases turbidity and reduces sea water quality. To accelerate environmental recovery, PT TIMAH Tbk uses CSD as a technological innovation in its mining process. The CSD process separates ore mining from ore washing, which reduces environmental risks and makes tailings available for land stabilization and reclamation. Mining is done at the sea, then the ore is transported by pipeline to the mainland. The remaining tailings are placed on land to be used as fill voids or to reclaim coastal land. Moreover, PT TIMAH Tbk is using CSD mining technology to accelerate their land reclamation program, which will expand the Tanjung Gunung coastal tourism area. CSD mining technology could support the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in coastal areas, where land for development is in short supply, and tailings material is suitable for land reclamation and stabilisation. We conclude that using CSD technology, where land reclamation can support tourism development, harmonizes tin mining activity with the growth of tourism based on the cause study in Bangka Belitung Island

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DOI 10.36487/acg_repo/2152_67
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Journal Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Mine Closure

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