Chinese Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology | 2019

Effectiveness of remold eyelid structure method of blepharoplasty for thickening eyelid



Objective \nTo explore the method and efficacy of using Y flap formed to remold double eyelid structure of blepharoplasty for thickening eyelid. \n \n \nMethods \nA total of 97 cases of single eyelids and thickening eyelid were treated with surgery, to release the space before tarsus fascia and levator palpebrae aponeurosis to form a continuous interspace of the orbicularis oculi muscle. Then joint fascia was reconstructed to format Y flap, on which both sides of the levator aponeurosis and orbital septum fascia were tightened and the redundant fat and fascial organization removed. The lateral fat pad under the orbicular muscle were wedge-shaped sheared along the orbital margin after double eyelid was formed. Few patients presented acrimal glands prolapse, which suspended to return the lower margin of the orbital bone. Finally according to the upper eyelid anatomy suture each layer of incision was closed. \n \n \nResults \nThe 97 cases underwent surgical treatment and the incisions were healed by first intention, in which 3 cases had slight skin ptosis at the lateral double crease due to the conservative tissue removal and 2 cases had the double eyelid width asymmetry due to the tissue was removed unevenly. They were adjusted satisfiedly 3 months later. All cases were followed up for more than 3 months and acquired satisfactory improvement and beautification. Incision was healed hiddenly. \n \n \nConclusions \nThis method can be used to tease and adjust the upper eyelid levels clearly and completely, which makes redundant tissues removed in place and double eyelid located accurately. By this method single eyelid combined thickening eyelid could be solved aestheticly at the same time and get a natural, popular and natural shape. \n \n \nKey words: \nBlepharoplasty;\xa0Slitting up method;\xa0Remodled eyelid structure;\xa0Thickening eyelid;\xa0Blepharoplasty

Volume 25
Pages 309-311
DOI 10.3760/CMA.J.ISSN.1671-0290.2019.04.015
Language English
Journal Chinese Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology

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