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Continuing Pedagogical Education in the Conditions of Digitalization: The Risks of Alternative Society



The theoretical and methodological foundations of the approach to the study of the continuity of pedagogical education are presented on the basis of an analysis of the risks of the impact of digitalization on the development of the personality of students and their socialization, including the emergence of new types of communication (communication in instant messengers; communication with a computer, etc.). The main characteristic of the continuity of education is considered the viability of the student in unity with the viability of the teacher. The article presents a system for reducing the risk of communication of schoolchildren in the virtual space (bullying, trolling by classmates, and / or unknown people), which ensures the viability of the teacher – the mediative space of the educational organization. At the same time, each of the participants in this space has its own leading predictor of vitality: the teacher has spirituality, and the student has self-actualization. The methodological approaches and models presented in the article allow to solve the problem of reducing the aggressiveness of the educational space on the basis of improving the viability of both teachers and students.

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Pages 813-818
DOI 10.3897/ap.1.e0772
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