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Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture



Agriculture is a sector that contributes highest to India’s GDP. The present necessity is that the utilization of water must be efficient and effective. As the population is growing rapidly and there is rapid urbanization and climatic changes, the stress for managing the water resource has been increased. When there is mismanagement of this natural resource in the fields, it not only leads to water scarcity but also affects the crops in the field due to under or over watering. The human interpretation in fields leads to wastage of energy and time. And also the human calculations regarding the soil moisture, water content in the fields cannot be accurate. So, there is need of optimizing the water consumption, where for the irrigation process, a control system and a monitor is required. In our paper, we have focused on the automation of irrigation process aiming on higher growth of crops and efficient use of water. The hardware consists of DHT11 sensor which measures the surrounding air, soil moisture sensors which estimates the volumetric water content and a raspberry pi. Furthermore, the model also monitors the weather conditions and ensures the water is used smartly. Keywordsinternet of things, temperature, agriculture, automation, irrigation, weather prediction

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Pages 88-117
DOI 10.4018/978-1-7998-5876-8.ch005
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