Materials Science Forum | 2019

Research of the Resistance of Reinforced Polymeric Composite Materials to Hydro-Abrasive Action



The results of the research of the resistance of reinforced polymeric composite materials to hydro-abrasive action are presented. Hydro-abrasive wear research was carried out on a specially developed device that makes it possible to study the wear resistance of materials and coatings under impact conditions of loosely suspended abrasive particles simulating the flow of a hydro-abrasive medium. Composites based on polyester resin and polyurethane reinforced with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers and glass fibers were chosen as the objects for the study. An analysis of the intensity and nature of wear of these composites in compared with structural steel, UHMWPE and polyurea was carried out.The analysis of the obtained research results shows that UHMWPEis the most resistant to hydro-abrasive effects. However, the high cost and variation of the traditional technology of manufacturing composite products using UHMWPE as a lining material shows the advantage of using composite materials reinforced with oriented UHMWPE fibers.

Volume 945
Pages 465 - 469
Language English
Journal Materials Science Forum

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