Materials Science Forum | 2019

Optimization of Cutting Conditions for Surface Roughness in VMC 5-Axis



Vertical machining center (VMC) five-axis is advanced metal cutting process which used tomachine advanced materials for creating parts for industries like die, automotive, aerospace, machinerydesign, etc. Input parameters selection very important in VMC-five axis to obtain better surface finishon milled part and enhanced machining economics. In the present work, experimental analysis has beenplanned to study the significances of milling parameters on quality response, surface roughness (Ra) ofD3 steel. The experiments have been planned on D3 steel in VMC five axis as per Box-Behnken designof response surface methodology (RSM). Modeling and optimization have been done by hybrid RSMand Jaya optimization algorithm. The factor effects on Ra has been studied by analysis of signal-tonoise ratio. The concluding remarks has been drawn from the study

Volume 969
Pages 631 - 636
DOI 10.4028/
Language English
Journal Materials Science Forum

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