Sa Journal of Human Resource Management | 2021

Openness to change and conservation in value-laden decisions



Orientation: Values influence decision-making in organisations; however, it is not yet clear how values of openness to change and conservation determine decision quality when managers are faced by competing values. Research purpose: The research examines the relationships between managerial values of openness to change and conservation and cognitive decision quality. Motivation for research: We argue that values influence cognitive decision-making quality. Research approach/design and method: The quantitative research design made use of the portrait value questionnaire–based values of openness to change and conservation in relation to a measure of decision-making quality based on two value clashing decision scenarios. Main findings: The results revealed that the managers’ cognitive decision-making quality was lower for those who valued tradition within the conservation value block, with some indication that self-directed thought related to better cognitive processing of decision alternatives. Contribution/value-add: The research demonstrates how the operationalised integrative complexity measure may be used as a novel decision-making quality metric. In addition, it introduces new value-sensitive decision-making scenarios. It also demonstrates that decision quality considerations in the value-driven decision-making dialogue are as important as ethical considerations. A values and quality decision-making framework gives managers an approach to higher quality decisions. Practical/managerial implications: As values are stable rules of behaviour, the results support the development of decision-making quality and values awareness for managers.

Volume 19
Pages 11
DOI 10.4102/SAJHRM.V19I0.1468
Language English
Journal Sa Journal of Human Resource Management

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