Neural Regeneration Research | 2021

Psychosis symptoms following aberrant immunity in the brain



Neuroinflammation in the brain is thought related to the emergence of various psychoses, although the identifying regional significance, the involvement of immune-cells and lymphocytic activity, and ways for the therapeutic recovery are under the effort of researchers. We recently revealed that the cerebellar acute inflammation causes the symptoms manifested in mood disorders or developmental disorders, which were associated with hyperexcitability due to immune-triggered plasticity and the overconnectivity between the inflamed cerebellum and prefrontal cortex (Yamamoto et al., 2019). Here, we give a perspective regarding the emergence of psychoses focusing on the aberrant immunity, the relevance of dysfunctions in brain regions including the cerebellum, and potential therapeutic ways via metabolism.

Volume 16
Pages 512 - 513
DOI 10.4103/1673-5374.293148
Language English
Journal Neural Regeneration Research

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