Dermatologica Sinica | 2019

Eruptive disseminated porokeratosis: A rare variant and therapeutic intervention



Porokeratosis is a group of disorders with distinct clinical feature of hyperkeratotic papules or plaques surrounded by an elevated, thread-like border, as well as pathological feature of cornoid lamella. Several variants of porokeratosis have been recognized, most of which follow a chronic and progressive disease course. However, there exists a rare variant characterized by a relatively rapid evolving and disseminated clinical course. The term “eruptive disseminated porokeratosis (EDP)” was proposed in the literature to describe this atypical form of porokeratosis.[1]

Volume 37
Pages 114 - 115
DOI 10.4103/ds.ds_25_18
Language English
Journal Dermatologica Sinica

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