Journal of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology | 2021

IoT Based coal mine safety monitoring and controlling



Many coal miners are concerned about their safety in the workplace. Within subsurface mines, poor ventilation exposes workers to toxic gases, heat, and dust, which can lead to sickness, injury, and death. With the aid of an ARM controller, this work proposes a concept for an Internet of things (IoT), wireless sensor network (WSN) that can track temperature, humidity, and gas in an underground mine. This device uses a low-power, less-cost Arduino UNO, Node MCU, DHT11 sensor, gas sensor, fire sensor to detect fire and send an alarm, and LDR to detect light depending on light levels. Conventional coal mineshaft observing frameworks are regularly wired organization frameworks that assume a significant part in guaranteeing coal mineshaft security. With the ceaseless extension of mining zones and profundity in coal mineshafts, numerous laneways have become visually impaired territories with various secret risks. Furthermore, laying cables, which is costly and time-consuming, is inconvenient. To address the issues, a coal mine safety monitoring system based on a wireless sensor network and the Internet of Things, which can increase the monitoring level is created. Many micro-sensor nodes with small volumes and low costs make up an IoT and wireless sensor network.

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DOI 10.51201/JUSST/21/07287
Language English
Journal Journal of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

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