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Dating of ice cores from temperate glaciers - Significant mass loss in the accumulation area of the Adamello glacier indicated by the chronology of a 46\u2009m ice core



<p>Dating glaciers is an arduous yet essential task in ice core studies, which becomes even more challenging for the dating of glaciers suffering from mass loss in the accumulation zone as result of climate warming. In this context, we present the dating of a 46 m deep ice core from the Central Italian Alps retrieved in 2016 from the Adamello glacier (Pian di Neve, 3100 m a.s.l.). We will show how the timescale for the core could be obtained by integrating results from the analyses of the radionuclides <sup>210</sup>Pb and <sup>137</sup>Cs with annual layer counting derived from pollen and refractory black carbon concentrations. Our results clearly indicate that the surface of the glacier is older than the drilling date of 2016 by about 20 years and that the 46 m ice core reaches back to around 1944. Despite the severe mass loss affecting this glacier even in the accumulation zone, we show that it is possible to obtain a reliable timescale for such a temperate glacier. These results are very encouraging and open new perspectives on the potential of such glaciers as informative palaeoarchives. We thus consider it important to present our dating approach to a broader audience.</p>

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DOI 10.5194/EGUSPHERE-EGU21-7473
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