International Journal of Research and Review | 2021

Analysis of the Human Resources Policies RSU Royal Prima in the Face of the Pandemic of \nCOVID-19



Currently there are as many as 65 countries infected with the corona virus. According to WHO as of March 2, 2020, the number of sufferers was 90,308 infected with Covid-19. The death rate reached 3,087 or 2.3% with a cure rate of 45,726 people. It is proven that the patient with the confirmation of Covid-19 in Indonesia originated from an event in Jakarta where the patient had contact with a Japanese national who lived in Malaysia. Hospitals will not be able to survive COVID-19 through hospital protocol and resources. Consider making passes. Second, use hospital personnel for the most relevant skills.\nThis study aims to determine the HR policy analysis of the Royal Prima Hospital in dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, using descriptive qualitative research with the method of collecting data using in-depth interviews (direct interviews) which are measured by data validity (triagulation) and using 5 samples is a related informant, then the data is processed and analyzed in tabular form which is described in narrative form.\nThe results of this study were found that in the input of the Royal Prima Medan General Hospital, the Policy on Health Protocols recommended by the government or WHO, found that the process of working and implementing policies as human resources has not been maximal in maintaining the distance between individual tablespoons, but the process of using APD is in accordance with the SOP. and meet Government or WHO standards. For Output There is human resource data confirmed to be infected with the corona virus. The data consists of 6 medical personnel, namely 2 nurses and 4 doctors.\n\nKeywords: COVID-19, Royal Hospital Human Resources Policy against Pandemic, Health Protocol.

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DOI 10.52403/ijrr.20211038
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